Micro-Forecast: February 25 to March 3, 2019

The Last Quarter of the moon cycle occurs this week. It wraps up the month’s activities, perhaps even the year’s intentions and activities as well. This allows us to get ready for the next New Moon on March 6, which is a significant New Moon this year because on that same day the longer 84-year cycle of Uranus entering Taurus also begins. The good news is that Taurus and Pisces are very compatible combinations –you have the imagination of Pisces, knowing no boundaries, and the practicality of Taurus on how to get it done for the best value. Pisces is water and Taurus is earth and earth and water make bricks. Last Quarter Moon weeks are very good for clearing out the files, sorting things out for a new office organization and with the influence of Uranus (out of the box thinking) just starting its 7-year cycle – making something work in a unique way, with easier access.

In the real estate world, this may begin a cycle of some fantastic bargains as prices are slowing down and many people are eager to sell. You always have people changing locations and jobs, at the end of the 7-year transit of Uranus in one sign. If you’ve been around long enough, it might be interesting to see what sudden changes took place for you starting around the following dates when Uranus entered a different sign of the zodiac for seven to eight years:

  • June 6, 1934 – Uranus entered Taurus
  • August 7, 1941 – Uranus entered Aries
  • August 30, 1948 – Uranus entered Gemini
  • April 24, 1955 – Uranus entered Leo
  • November 1, 1961 – Uranus entered Virgo
  • September 28, 1968 – Uranus entered Libra
  • November 21, 1974 – Uranus entered Scorpio
  • February 17, 1981 – Uranus entered Sagittarius
  • February 14, 1988 – Uranus entered Capricorn
  • April 1, 1995 – Uranus entered Aquarius
  • March 10, 2003 – Uranus entered Pisces
  • May 27, 2010 – Uranus entered Aries
  • March 6, 2019 – Uranus enters Taurus and stays for 7 years

Often Uranus enters the new sign a few months before, checks out the psychic landscape, people start getting restless, then Uranus goes back to the old cycle for a few months, then re-enters and stays in the new sign. Rumbles of change began in May 2018, and on March 6, Uranus will stay until the next cycle, in about 7 years, when Uranus enters Gemini. With Uranus entering Taurus, it is my thought, that buildings serving one purpose, will find refreshing new purposes if the individual has a vision. As the year unfolds, there could be some fantastic fixer-upper bargains out there if one is willing to see. Find these gems in places other than your routine locations.

It is a wonderful time to ‘ask for the order’, or what I term, “the reasonable or unreasonable request” since the collective is in a streamlining frame of mind. Remember there are many planets in Capricorn, especially the slow ones like Saturn and Pluto, and this calls for a global simplification of lifestyles. If you find something that you are interested in, remember that Mercury, the planet that rules communications and contracts goes retrograde on March 5. Even though Mercury has not started its retrograde period yet it is slowing down. In terms of investments, they may cost too much to purchase but remember that once Mercury is direct again, either contracts fall through or prices drop. Part of the recent Chiron entry into Aries (on February 18, last week) is about ‘healing’ impatience. Aries is not known for its patience and that is often an Achilles Heel if one does not learn patience.

This week offers a cornucopia of energy and motivation peaking on Wednesday, February 27 and Thursday, February 28. Then on Friday, March 1, Venus finally leaves Capricorn and enters Aquarius at 8:45 am Pacific time and 11:45 am eastern time. Venus in Aquarius is odd, eclectic, somewhat eccentric, and has a way of putting very disparate things together in a very cohesive way. Venus in Aquarius is the epitome of mix and match in fashion and mix and match in business. Sometimes what seems most unlikely bears a thread that connects more things together than we realize. It is all in whom you know and who they know. This is the perfect four weeks for connecting groups of people together and engaging your networks to attain that which you desire.