Micro-Forecast: February 11 to 17, 2019

On Thursday a calmer Martian energy starts as Mars enters the sign of the less volatile sign of Taurus. These last few weeks had Mars (whose nature is somewhat agitating) moving through the last few degrees of Aries, where it has been for six weeks. As Mars passes over volatile Uranus earlier in the week, watch sudden outbursts, arguments, and learn to be more strategic in your responses, because not reacting really works in your favor as Mars enters Taurus after Thursday.

The volatility of Mars crossing Uranus can throw markets up and down as it has been doing for the last six months since Uranus left Aries, entered Taurus, then went back to Aries for the big finale which comes around March 5, 6, 7. These last few days of Mars/Uranus can throw markets up and throw them down like a bad wrestler in a old gym. 😊

When Mars enters Taurus starting February 14 – Valentine’s Day – it begins its six-week trek through an earth sign and complements Saturn (building and planning) and Pluto (choosing to change and transform). Change or movement is easier than the preceding weeks. At least things seem to get done and flow better. What is the intention of your communication? Can you communicate clearly what you want without becoming emotional? How can you assure that others hear what your intentions are? Sometime if we write it down, it works better than just talking. Saturday and Sunday offer some nice solutions.