Micro-Forecast: December 31 to January 6, 2018

Happy early New Year! This is the last forecast of the year and we here at Starcycles wish you the best of possibilities in the next year. 2019 will prove to be an interesting year in that it is the last year before 2020 where three major cycles–called Synodic Cycles, and the topic of my new book, Pushing through Time–are ending their varied orbits.

Anytime we have a ‘pile up’ of cycles ending, we have a choice on how we deal with the end. Those choices make a difference in how you begin anew when the cycles start again at various times in 2020. At the end of a cycle, one can choose to become more and more frantic, because the longing for change is so overwhelming when the end seems interminable. In our more frantic and anxious approach, we get tired, exhausted and frustrated. There are things that need attention during these periods, but the increased anxieties may keep us from doing those things. We can then end up unprepared when the ‘new’ begins.

The other way of navigating through these end-of-cycle periods (again they are throughout 2019) is to incubate, cogitate, and let go. 2019 marks the finish of THREE very important synodic cycles. The Saturn/Pluto cycle of 38 years (last began in 1982), Jupiter/Pluto cycle of 13 years (last happened in December 2007), and finally, the 20-year Jupiter/Saturn cycle (last happened in the earth sign Taurus in 2000) and which is ending its 200-year cycle through the element of earth. In 2020, this particular Jupiter/Saturn cycle begins a new 200-year cycle of 20-year increments in air signs, which is very different from the more grounded earth signs.

For a very cursory explanation of what each of these represents, here they are. Saturn/Pluto cycles of approximately 38 years require a death and rebirth of existing structures–literally and figuratively. This can range from land to government to currency and is a response to an over expansion in areas no longer working within the current environment. Jupiter/Pluto cycles of approximately 13 years, offer great benefits both financially and emotionally if greed and hubris have not taken over that process. Jupiter/Saturn provides the checks and balances needed to balance out overindulgences, overextensions and irresponsibility. If you have tried to be responsible, there are wonderful opportunities. If you have avoided responsibility, the Saturn, the planet of Karma, will require payment.

In other words, as we welcome 2019, we all can change the way we live our lives, making them work for us and those we love by helping others as part of the path to being prosperous and happy. If you have been successful financially, have you shared with an organization, fund, or group who need support? Are you volunteering or supporting a cause that reflects positive values? I have found in my travels that those people who have been very successful and happy are those who fund community projects, education and anything that lifts our society. I have also found that those who do not have much are some of the most giving. They choose to give to those who need more than they often have. The sharing is key. Not just taking and accumulating. The best way to maneuver through these cycles are to consider where you can make a positive impact, a small effort toward making the world in better place before the shifts begin in 2020.