Micro-Forecast: December 17 to 23, 2018

The week has a bunch of energy, which we all need as the Christmas season is upon us. Monday has Mars motivation working with Pluto (which pushes through to get things done). Anybody for a late-night tree lighting? Venus returns to the degree where she went retrograde on October 5, getting back on track. For the last couple of months, she has been traveling through the natural zodiac’s eighth house, which concerns itself with the deeper issues of life, birth, death, transformation and release. The eighth house is also associated with resources we share with our closest partners, our frozen assets, and by working with others how we make our income. These last few months have offered an exploration of whether this is working for us or not. With Venus finally returning to its retrograde position of 10º Scorpio, we can now solve, or resolve, financial issues that must be sorted through to move forward emotionally and financially in the next year. If you have been debating about selling a home or finding a new home, this is a prime window that may help you find that special place. The frustrations of the last few months now lift as we end 2018 and approach the first day of Winter, the Winter Solstice, on Friday December 21, along with the Full Moon at 00º Cancer and 00º Capricorn, on Saturday December 22. Lots of news in the following week regarding the new politics in America and the reality of financial industries, often washed over or ignored, during this last year.

A big Happy Holiday wish from myself, Starcycles, and all of us who work together to provide you with information that you can use or help with understanding.