Micro-Forecast: November 26 to December 2, 2018

I am off to one of my all-time favorite countries in a few days. I will be traveling to Australia through mid-December and wanted to get these last thoughts and forecasts out to you before I am traveling. The Sun in Sagittarius is lined up with Jupiter on the first day of this week. This starts the week off on an optimistic note and is probably resulting from some of the more positive events of last week. On Tuesday, the Sun meets up with Mercury, shedding light on an idea recently discussed, or in your purview for the last few weeks. When the Sun and Mercury come together, this starts a new cycle of insight and ideas and how to get those ideas to materialize. This combo can affect the markets, too. If they are up, then this can reverse them. If they are down, this combo reverses that, temporarily at least. Always remember, as an investor you have to have your ‘list’ next to you, the list that has your research on it and one you feel confident about. When markets shift, this is the time to buy.

This week is the Last Quarter Moon phase, which means it is time to clean off your desk and get some extra rest. It can mean that you are confident about whether to keep an idea going or let it go, making room for something better to enter your life. If you are weighing whether to work on a relationship or not, that decision should wait until Venus gets back to where she went retrograde, which happens on December 18. Venus is in Libra and here she has a hard time deciding. If you are going back and forth with trying to decide on a job, a house, or some event that is possibly stressing you, get out of your rational mind. Do something physical, like taking a hike or cleaning out the garage. This allows your subconscious to process what you need to do without —while your body is at work.