Micro-Forecast: October 15 to 21, 2018

This week it is a second quarter moon phase and we can get a lot more done than last week. If you are working with a tangible project and need tools, help, or anything that makes that project easier, carefully research prior to purchasing. Venus is still retrograde, suggesting a low return on investment. It may be time to start looking into replacements for anything that has long needed to be replaced, but do the research and purchase after Venus moves in a direct motion in mid-November.

We are in the middle of several peaking cycles so we may see some odd fluctuations in the markets this week. Any impatience that comes from things feeling as they are moving too slowly suggests that we be mindful of that energy, particularly close to the end of the week. Mars, the planet of action and also impatience, lines up with the Moon (emotions) and Mercury (ideas and problem solving). This is a restless energy, which is best served by moving away from the desk and getting outside to enjoy some sunshine and some fresh air. I find that if I put a timer on at my workstation, to remind me to pause and refresh, it helps.

The full moon coming next week is the second 90-day period after the big eclipse of late July. More on that next week. Meantime, balance is important. Step away from the technology and engage with your fellow humans.