Micro-Forecast: October 1 to 7, 2018

Monday, October 1 – So, you made big choices last week! Some may have been out of your hands. It was not easy either because any time Pluto goes direct we are called forth to sacrifice something that we believe we cannot live without in order to grow and transform. If any of those choices involved any sort of financial decision making, this is the week to start reviewing your spending, your budget and separating wants from needs. There is a difference. Always do the needs first, then make a little room for a want or two. This is Venus’ message when she is about to station retrograde (yes another big retrograde).

Friday October 5 – Venus retrogrades at 10º Scorpio 50′. Venus, ruler of our desires and values, retrogrades every two years. Therefore, it is suggested that while Venus retrogrades, and until she goes direct on November 16, 2018 at 25º Libra 14′, an assessment of possessions (necessary or unnecessary) and relationships, especially those that involve joint finances, are thought out carefully. At least begin the discussion and ask yourself is the value I receive the value I give. If considering purchasing items of which you are not certain, particularly big-ticket items, this is not the time in which to do it. If you are considering something more personal, like cosmetic surgery, this is also discouraged during a Venus retrograde. Value is associated with Venus, so ponder whether or not the amount of resource spent equals the value received. It is a good time to sort through items that you have outgrown or no longer need and donate them. Since we are closing in on the end of the year, many organizations would welcome both cash and in-kind donations. Moreover, this puts a little cosmic karma into your cosmic goody bag for the future. Venus is the goddess of love, so if old flames return wanting to revisit what you shared, a word of caution: wait until Venus goes direct in mid-November. Even better, wait until it gets back on track in mid-December.