Micro-Forecast: August 27 to September 2, 2018

Monday, August 27 – The big news is that today Mars finally goes direct! Oh, what a relief that is. It goes direct at 28º Capricorn 36′ at 7:05 AM Pacific Time and 10:05 AM Eastern Time. Mars direct is wonderful, particularly for those of us who like getting things done but find that during the Mars retrograde period (started late June through today), getting things done just is not happening fast enough. Mars direct periods are when decisions are made. These decisions are to leave a job, start a job, get healthy, contact those who have been trying to provide you with a needed service but for which you have not had the resources. Remember, Mars is just going direct. It does not reach its full power until late in September. More news, our 2019 Starcycles Cheat Sheet is available now for a direct download.

Sunday, September 2 – Another planet that is catching up with where it left off is Mercury, the planet of problem solving, writing, speaking, communicating and selling. It catches up with where it left off at 23º Leo 27′. Though it is still in ‘fixed thinking’ Leo, it moves to Virgo, its own sign, on September 5. This week is catch up week. Perhaps you’ve been thinking of donating something to a charity, perhaps you’ve been thinking of starting a new creative venture that is more fun than work. It is possible to have both. This might be the perfect time to do that treasure map or vision board for the next year. You have incubated enough ideas, now it might be time to concretize those visions.