Micro-Forecast: July 9 to 15, 2018

Jupiter, the planet of good fortune and opportunity is going direct this week, on July 10, at 13° Scorpio 20′. This is one of those marvelous times that offer some positive action and large opportunities. A little personal marketing helps, too. Scorpio rules the house of joint finances, legacies, insurance settlements, and your income or the packages offered when companies downsize. This is a good week to ask for the thing you want and believe (Jupiter) you will get it, or something close to what you envision.

Patience is important as the suggestion for that opportunity needs to sink it and with the upcoming Solar Eclipse (New Moon) on Thursday July 12 at 20° Cancer 41′, people need some time to incubate your ideas. This is the first solar eclipse in the sign of Cancer since July 22, 2009. There were several eclipses in Cancer during 2009. The sign of Cancer is ruled by the Moon, which rules such industries as restaurants, films, antiques, houses, and food. This eclipse cycle of Cancer and Capricorn lasts for about 1.5 years (and returns every 9 ½, more precisely to the same exact position every 19 years) and suggests that prices are peaking in the industries that they rule. Is it possible that real estate, particularly in areas where prices are inflated, is about to shift? It is possible. The key thing to investing is to have a plan B for when a drop takes place. Be conservative in your investment and then hold on to it until the next cycle.

For example, if you have been investing in only one thing then this is the time to look at the alternatives to that. Investments are a see saw. When one is up and in fashion, others are down. The key is to achieve a balance, cutting potential loss, saving some cash (budgets are required here), researching and then when the moment arrives, to act. When one industry or market is up, another is always down, and vice versa. An example is interest rates. When they are down (and they have been down for a very long time–too long really), people invest in large investments like real estate but interest rates eventually rise. Treasuries, tax free municipal bonds, didn’t pay anything when rates were down but now rates are going up and those treasuries or tax free muni bonds that weren’t such a great investment before are now something to consider. (I am not a financial adviser, but simply illustrating the see saw effect of change).

This series of eclipses in July and August are involved with an opposition to Pluto, which offers tough choices, but first requires research and asking lots of questions. Whom do we choose to engage with, what areas of our lives need change? This time can bring a major building or business remodel (Pluto) or a major psychological emotional remodel through therapy (Pluto). Something is about to change in the area of your chart this is taking place. During an eclipse we cannot see exactly what that is because there is a shadow, but about 90-days later we gather more insight. We cannot clearly see what that is but our intuition feels the need to change. Whether we ‘choose’ to listen or not is on us. The other two eclipses of this summer will be discussed in the coming weeks along with the upcoming Mercury retrograde. What changes are you considering?