Micro-Forecast: July 30 to August 6, 2018

The week after a Full Moon is always a winding down period. Since we had that very strong Total Lunar Eclipse on Friday, July 27, the winding down is taking a bit longer. Mars is still in play and retrogrades in a hard aspect to Uranus (sudden changes) on Wednesday, August 1, and in effect through Thursday. If you were ever going to get some extra swimming or running in this is probably the week in which to do it. The exercise disperses nervous energy and keeps negative energy in check. In other words, step away from work, step away from confusion. If there is not motion forward on your long running projects then step away from it and maybe even plan a short respite.

This week’s Last Quarter Moon, starting Saturday, August 4, does offer some windows for positive reinforcement. Emotions and fortune cross paths, and late Saturday August 4 and throughout Sunday, August 5, emotions, creativity, and connections can offer transformative experiences, offering a direction you might want to explore. Though Mercury is still retrograde at the end of the week it is in the section of Leo that represents Sagittarius. Sagittarius is about road trips, the outdoors, classes, travel and exploration. It is also about incubating some marketing ideas for a project that is ongoing. By the time Mercury goes direct on August 18, any part of projects that do not seem right should be streamlined.