Micro-Forecast: July 23 to 29, 2018

The Sun entered the fiery sign of Leo on Sunday July 22. Leo is the sign of the heart and playfulness, which is why many people choose to go on vacation in August. It is a sign of creativity, childlike glee, hobbies and creative projects. It is usually a sign that is in a good mood. The first five to six days after its entrance into Leo (in other words this week) there may be moments of impulse and reaction to outside influences, because Mars retrogrades is opposite the Sun (very unusual). Unusual or sudden responses may also affect driving and the distractions that come from upset. Caution is suggested when driving on crowded freeways (there sure are a lot of those these days). If there is an expenditure that suddenly comes up–not really a surprise since Mercury starts its retrograde motion on Wednesday, July 25, then get a second and third estimate.

If there is a delay in a project, rather than getting upset, breathe a sigh of relief because when planets start their retrograde periods there is a bit more stress. Since Mercury is retrograde in Leo and Leo is the sign of children-children of the body or children of our mind–there may be ‘issues’ arising regarding children. Leo represents dating and having an enjoyable time but it is also a rather fixed energy. If plans seem to go awry, try flexibility rather than obstinacy and you might find an even better adventure shows up.

This compounded by the Total Lunar Eclipse (Full Moon) taking place on Friday July 27 at 4° Aquarius 45′ that is running with Mars. There are shadows all around us. The last time the eclipse was at this degree was on July 28, 1999, but it was aligned with Neptune. During this time, prices in real estate and markets escalated and products and ideas were still working off older modes of thinking. The difference between that eclipse and this one is that technology has changed, there is a lot more accessible information (sometimes it isn’t always true, but it is accessible), and with Mars right there it can be a recipe for generalized exhaustion requiring some sort of respite.

However, Jupiter (good fortune) is still in play and this offers tremendous support. If you are tired, your mind may be tired. Is there something new and unique you would like to learn? Since Mercury is retrograde, the question for all of us is where can we benefit from rethinking an old method of working, playing, or learning. Is there something for which we hold immense amounts of curiosity? Now is the time to zero in on how we can better spend our time to get the most out of life.