Micro-Forecast: July 2 to 8, 2018

Hello everyone. I am resuming the weekly forecasts starting this week. For those of you who receive my newsletters (free by signing up at our website), you will know I have been on the road for a few months but now am back, at least for a while. This week, on the fourth of July, Chiron, often referred to as the wounded healer, is beginning its retrograde motion until December 8, 2018. I like retrogrades, I think we get a lot more completed. Chiron is also associated with coaching, teaching and improvements in medical technology. It entered the sign of Aries (first time in 51 years and Aries is associated with the head) in mid-April. There is a lot of news about working with the brain and finding cures for some of the diseases of the brain, like Parkinson’s and ALS. New discoveries in brain stimulation are shifting both the genetic mental illness challenges as well as the trauma from brain injuries that seem to be increasingly common. Since Chiron is a bridge between two disciplines, the increasing combination of psychiatry and neurology is a fast growing industry. A very interesting article about these discoveries can be found at https://www.statnews.com/2018/06/19/alice-flaherty-mass-general-neurologist/

On a more personal note, it is summer in the Northern Hemisphere and this means a lot more outdoors activity. Since Mars (which rules Aries) went retrograde on June 26 and continues to retrograde through August 28, make sure you put on a helmet when jet skiing or biking. Chiron can also rule the ankles so wear the right shoes for appropriate activities. Think before acting on impulse, as Mars is in the extreme sign of Aquarius. Aquarius rules groups and fellow members of your community. Remember, when people get fussy in the next couple of months it is a universal edginess, as Aquarius also rules the nerve endings. A little exercise or some healthy escapism (I like movie therapy) is not a bad idea when the world’s nerve endings seem raw.

On an even more personal note, my new book, Pushing through Time: Synodic Cycles and their Developing Cycles, is selling well (it was released in April 2018) and you can order it for $19.95 plus postage at our website and/or order the Business Astrology 101 book . If you are reading this in a foreign country, you will have a better ‘postage fee’ experience by ordering it directly from Amazon.

I am trying to find a better postal fee for out of the USA, but for now, please use Amazon until we put together an e-book or PDF in a few months. They seem to have a better arrangement with the USPS!

Thanks for all your support in this effort. I am proud of my book and am now on to deciding the next chapter of my life. Yes, Mars retrogrades also affects we astrologers.