Micro-Forecast: July 16 to 22, 2018

Intuition is a great gift! Everybody has it, but not everybody listens to it. Right now, the Sun is traveling through the water sign of Cancer and sending off wonderful lines to Neptune, which is the sign of intuition, inspiration, and the creative process. With Jupiter having just gone direct in the third water sign, Scorpio, there is bounty and fortune regardless of the eclipses, Mars retrograde and the upcoming Mercury retrograde. As a friend of mine used to say, there is gold all around you.

Outcomes all depend upon whether you are the type of thinker that believes the glass is half empty or half full. If you are a half empty type of personality, this may be the change that needs to happen so that you are able to identify the bounty and the bountiful opportunities that lie ahead. This is cosmic pre-school for those of us who are willing to step up and clean out the parts of life that are not working. There is a Moon Venus combo (good) on Monday, July 16, a Moon Mars aspect (good) on Wednesday, July 18, and a Moon, Venus and Jupiter positive combo on Friday, July 20, and throughout the weekend. You may even discover something that you had forgotten about, a tiny inspiration for a change that you can build on through the rest of 2018. Is there something sitting on your shelf that needs repairs that is symbolic of something in your life? Putting things back together often puts parts of our lives back together.