Micro-Forecast: May 28 to June 3, 2018

The Full Moon on Tuesday at 8° Sagittarius 10′ along with Mercury’s entry into Gemini suggests misconstrued communication over the course of those few days. The reason for this is that Neptune is involved in the equation and that can either confuse or tire out people or set gossip afoot. Scattered is a good word for this combination. However, scattered often suggests the need to rest, to regroup, or take some time off to rethink or reorganize all the piles of things left on the desk over the course of this last month. Uranus’ entry into Taurus begs for a new kind of organizational plan.

By week’s end on Saturday June 1, Mercury and Mars work very well together getting you back on target for those projects that seemed somewhat harrowing earlier this week. Venus and Jupiter are also in a lovely aspect on Saturday, which might mean you need a little R & R with friends in your social circle. It doesn’t have to be anything complicated, perhaps a simple invitation to get together with old friends with whom you’ve lost touch during the last months.

This is the month that Mars is in Aquarius and Mars is already slowing down to begin its retrograde motion on June 28. Mars usually motivates wherever it is moving through the chart, but with it slowing down, the motivation may not be as strong as is usual. In the West Coast chart, it takes place in the house of real estate and homes. This could mean that the market is slowing down to a more realistic pace and if one is thinking of changing their real estate issues, this next two months is probably the time in which to decide.