Micro-Forecast: May 21 to 27, 2018

The Sun has now entered Gemini, a month full of very busy, hectic and chatty days ahead. The month of May is always full of graduations, celebrations, and preparations for weddings and summer events. The energy is buzzing this week since Mercury, the planet of communication, is running with Uranus (lightening it up). Running into people you have not seen for a long time suggests a brief sit down, a sharing of ideas that springs forth fertile ideas bubbling up from these meetings. The key thing to remember (since the Sun is in Gemini) is to triage what is the most important concept at the top, then sort out the rest. Keep names, ask people about the skills they have, organize those skills, find out who wants to work on something for which you are forming a collaboration, which may birth in spring 2019.

On Friday May 25, Mercury (communication) combines beautifully with Pluto. In other words, the problem is solved and with Venus opposing Saturn late that same night, structure is set in place.