Micro-Forecast: April 9 to 15, 2018

This week leads up to the New Moon on Sunday April 15, which is the same day that Mercury goes direct at 4° Aries 16′. In the days prior to a New Moon, during the Balsamic Moon phase, things incubate. They ferment. We seem still, but we are processing lots of information not ready to come forward. Many people find themselves throwing away papers and clearing off their desks (appropriate since the USA is in tax season and finishing by now!) This is a choice making week because on Tuesday and Wednesday, transiting Sun in Aries pushes and pressures transiting Pluto, often bringing us to the edge of making major life decisions — many of which require a level of courage — because we are pushed out of our comfort zones during these times. We know we need to make choices, but sometimes they seem impossible.

There is, however, great support with decision making this week because we have a lovely combination of Mars and Venus (the lovers of the zodiac), so though choices may be difficult, they come from a place of love and compassion. Once those choices are made and we get closer to the New Moon, Venus and Neptune take a little dance around the room, offering a little break that includes creative expression or mingling with others who have a more artistic bent. If you are an artist, a musician, a sketcher, a dancer, or a person who simply appreciates the arts, then do something to feed that part of your psyche. The arts bring great balance into our lives. The arts open our consciousness — giving the rational mind a break and inviting the less rational right brain in for time.