Micro-Forecast: March 12 to 18, 2018

We are still in Last Quarter Moon phase and finishing things issues that began last year at this time. On Tuesday March 13, transiting Neptune catches up to where it went retrograde last year. Though Neptune had gone direct at the end of last year, it doesn’t catch up to the same position until this Tuesday.

Neptune has much to do with one’s visions, thoughts, dreams, and things that inspire. What idea are you trying to realize resulting from your efforts of this last year? Sometimes the smallest sparks become great and brilliant embers, if you believe in yourself, and stay focused on accomplishing that special vision.

Think back to last June, what were you doing, or, attempting to do? What visions or dreams did you have that seemed to halt during the summer months and remained at a very slow pace (or so it seemed) through the last part of last year? Perhaps you felt adrift, unable to figure things out, unable to focus, but sometimes when we lose site of the shore for a very long time, we come to a place we never expected. The same day that Neptune catches up to where it left off last year brings us some wonderful aspects. Sun in Pisces and Jupiter in Scorpio form a wonderful triangle. This is an indicator of self-reflection. Time alone or taking time to meditate can bring forward that which is buried underneath the day to day noise. This is a great month to clear out the old from the last year, releasing the past, and opening a space for the new things coming in after Spring Equinox. The New Moon (new beginnings) ends the week on Saturday March 17- St. Patrick’s Day and aligns with Chiron on Sunday. This is an excellent time to review health matters and address those health issues you’ve been putting off.