Micro-Forecast: February 19 to 25, 2018

The Sun has now entered Pisces. At the end of March is the Spring Equinox, the first day of the Sun in Aries. As the Sun moves through Pisces, over the course of the next four weeks, we end the seasonal year. Every year, from late February through late March, we filter through all the different things we tried to do in this last year, since the Spring Equinox of 2017. Some might say that the month of February is a kind of toxic waste management month, where we clear out our drawers, our bodies, our lives, letting go of what is no longer needed so that we are ready to start anew in the spring. As opposed to other years, this year the Sun in Pisces is working with Saturn, giving the opportunity to combine one’s imagination with practicality. Imagination and structure is a winning combination for that creative idea.

In fact, Saturn, the anchor, is working very favorably with Mercury, the thinking planet. In the middle of the week, Venus, the goddess of love, aligns with Neptune. This can bring either a creative opportunity or a romantic opportunity. The energy continues through the weekend, as Venus and Mars (the lovers of the zodiac) are in aspect with each other. Venus and Neptune are also in aspect, so invite someone to go dancing, see a play, attend concert or take a wonderful walk on the beach. This is the time to get a massage or paint a picture. If the soul is soothed the rest falls in place.