Micro-Forecast: February 12 to 18, 2018

This week Mercury and Jupiter are in hard aspect to each other. Sometimes we talk more during these cycles than listen. Sometimes we say too much, and, sometimes we say things without a filter. There are some challenges with this hard aspect but sometimes, particularly in the political arena, we hear things we probably weren’t supposed to hear, something slips out, a microphone is left on while someone has a private conversation, someone responds before hearing the whole story. In our own lives, if this is happening to you this week take a breath before speaking. This Mercury square Jupiter can make us feel like we must get in the last word and if we don’t we won’t make our point. The Solar Eclipse (New Moon) is on Thursday, February 15. Eclipses sometimes bring anxiety that make us talk too much and sleep too little or the reverse. Things usually work out once we get a little rest, have a chance to take that breath, and re-think our message. Venus and Saturn and Sun and Venus are in complimentary aspects on the 17th, just two days after the eclipse, the clarity of thought brings your ideas into form. In other words, be patient with yourself and others this week. This too shall pass.