Micro-Forecast: January 8 to 14, 2018

This week begins with the Sun in Capricorn lined up with Venus in Capricorn. If you are looking for a new job or a new office situation this suggests it might be time to review what is in your wardrobe. Enhanced by Venus, clothing reflects the refined confidence of the Saturnine less is more theme that begins 2018. All of these planets in Capricorn denote people getting back to work, both young and old. Many of these jobs are self-designed, as Capricorn is notorious for ‘finding the need and filling it’. We are entering an era of starting businesses by finding specific niches. These specific niches are derived by clearing our schedules of time wasting activities (how many hours do you spend on social media?) and reformulating those hours into researching an idea and putting a plan together. This spring, in April, I will speak at the Berkeley Women’s Conference. The lecture is called How to Invent your Job. It will be a lecture in ‘English’ using the examples of planetary archetypes. This basic information can assist in forming teams that are balanced and bring together those with various skill sets. With the Fourth Quarter Moon this week, it is my suggestion that you go through files that you have been saving and curate any gems of information regarding your interests. Mercury is back on track January 10 and meets up with Saturn on January 12, emphasizing more focus in our thinking.