Micro-Forecast: January 29 to February 4, 2018

The Total Lunar Eclipse (full moon) on Wednesday, January 31, 2018, falls at 11º Leo/11º Aquarius. This eclipse last occurred on January 31, 1999, exactly 19 years ago. Eclipses usually return every 19 years in the same place of the zodiac and in the same place in one’s chart. Sometimes we can remember what happened in the year that followed that eclipse and sometimes we can’t, but whatever you were thinking about, learning, formulating, or doing then may be somewhat like what you are doing now. For me, I started finally writing my Business Astrology 101: Weaving the Web Between Business and Myth Book. It did not come out until 2000, and it took me probably about 10 years to write. Ironically, I am currently putting the final touches on my Synodic Cycle book, something I started writing about seven or so years ago (I know- I am slow). I hope to have it ready by the UAC conference in Chicago, May 2018.

Things tried during the last eclipse cycles of 1999 may have a better opportunity now with this new cycle of eclipses. Check in with your heart. What does it long to do?