Micro-Forecast: December 4 to 10, 2017

Chiron is direct this week on Tuesday December 5 at 24° Pisces 19′. Chiron is often referred to as a wounded healer. Chiron does have a lot to do with health, health practices, particularly more holistic practices, but it also has to do with the wisdom derived from the experience of pain. In our lives, we all have wounding experiences. Some, granted, are worse than others. However, how one incorporates those wounding experiences into the fabric of their lives makes a huge difference in terms of the quality of their lives. Those individuals who work through the pain can use their derived wisdom from that pain to help others — to counsel others particularly if others have had similar experiences.

Others, however, just hold the pain, doing nothing about it, and that pain, ultimately eats away at their soul and affects their lives in a most negative way. Chiron going direct for the last time in Pisces (where it has been for almost ten years) offering an opportunity from now through mid-April 2018 when it enters Aries to get things sorted out regarding the psychic pain of the past.

The Civil Rights movement of the mid 1960s was injected with the pain of Chiron in Pisces, the last time Chiron was in Pisces as it has been for a few years now. Chiron takes 51 years to return to a sign. Over the course of the last few years as Chiron again returned to Pisces in April 2010, those same issues surfaced again. As Chiron finishes its run in Pisces for a short time next spring, returning to Pisces in late 2018 and then finally leaving Pisces in 2019, resolutions and solutions arise.

Since Chiron is direct in late degrees of Pisces this week and moves straight to Aries next April, these next few months offer an extraordinary opportunity to right those things that are wrong, or, at least, begin the process. Direct motion of Chiron offers individuals courage to speak up about what they feel is unjust. It helps mobilize groups as well. With Chiron very close to a challenging aspect to Saturn still, this process might be seem way too slow and tedious, but that is the way it is right now. But things don’t stay the same forever. Where is it in your life that you need to express your deep discomfort in order to heal or energize Spirit? These next few weeks are a good time to make a plan.