Micro-Forecast: December 25 to 31, 2017

This is the last forecast for 2017. Thank you all for your loyal support and readership. Our list has grown and I am so very grateful. This week is Christmas and Kwanzaa — all celebrations of life! At the end of the year and with Mercury in direct motion now, I ask you what it is in your own life that you’d like to shift or change or alter over the course of the next year. It can be as simple as allowing yourself more time for you or for something that gives you great pleasure. That is one of the gifts of Saturn in Capricorn because Saturn and Capricorn are about the concept of ‘time’-not wasting it and using it optimally.

Saturn is the Roman name of the god in Greek Mythology known as Kronos, whose name means time. Kronos has both bad and good qualities. I’d like to focus on his good qualities in this week’s forecast since the main story we always hear about him is that he is sent to destroy his father, Ouranos (Uranus), the sky god by Gaia, his mother and Mother Earth. The reason Gaia sends her son Kronos to destroy his father is that Uranus, keeps coming together with Mother Earth, having children and quickly leaving — leaving Mother Earth to fend for herself and her many children. With too many responsibilities, perhaps she felt she couldn’t function and provide the Earth with what the Earth needed. We really don’t know. This is just a story.

Saturn, Kronos, the dutiful son destroys the father, Uranus, the god associated with chaos. Was it a bad thing that he destroyed his father? I leave that up to you the reader, but if you think about the motivation behind the request –the planet was in need of order and someone had to do it.

And the question is, “What is order”? Order is having a day where you have balance. Order is when we don’t all work or we don’t all play. When that happens, things get out of hand and crazy and human beings can only do so much. The world today is complex, fast, without boundaries and globally awake 24/7 inundated with a news cycle of the same amount of hours. We ride subways looking at our phones, have dinner with love ones looking at our phones and so much time is wasted. People are starving for connections. What part of each of our lives needs more tender loving care? Where do we need to be quiet for just a little time? What part of our psyche feels too chaotic to function? These are all questions we ask as we approach the New Year and they are questions the New Year assists us in addressing. Happy New Year to all of you.