Micro-Forecast: November 6 to 12, 2017

The week begins with Venus at the end of Libra, the sign in which it is comfortable, enjoying luxury, good food and pleasure. Perhaps in these last few weeks you’ve been changing your surroundings, emptying closets or garages, making your environment beautiful. The next phase is when Venus enters Scorpio on Tuesday. Though the holidays seem far away, you have an inclination to start preparing for them now. Venus in Scorpio is very resourceful and with Thursday’s wonderful aspects between the Sun, Pluto and Venus you find what you have the energy to do just that and begin preparations over the course of the next few weeks. This is also a great time to find that bargain home or property as sales in the real estate markets slow down. The energy of Scorpio can be very shrewd and street smart, something that is really a gift if used properly and this is the time to unwrap that ‘gift’ as Jupiter (good fortune) is running alongside all the planets as they move through Scorpio this year and particularly this month.

For everyone, in conjunction with these transits, wanting more and not settling for less is part of the cycle here as these alignments often feel like all or nothing choices or events. As you face decisions, try to remember during this period that there is always a huge grey somewhere in the middle. Forgetting this very important fact works against you and limits your possibilities in both business and personal lives.