Micro-Forecast: November 20 to 26, 2017

Happy Thanksgiving to all my fellow Americans. Thanksgiving has its share of blessings this year because the day before Thanksgiving, Neptune, which has been retrograde since mid- June moves direct at 11° Pisces 27’and this breaks open the heart providing spiritual insight. Give it a few days to get going. Neptune direct always opens up those parts of the unconscious that are suppressed. Maybe sleep has been interrupted with chaotic dreams during the last few months. Perhaps you cannot remember them, but they keep you in an uneasy sleep state. Maybe your dreams have been wild, but you can’t remember them and wish you could. Perhaps you keep having the dreams, but you can’t remember those either. You know they are the same theme and you are confused.

This direct motion of Neptune breaks open the parts of the unconscious that are bottled up bringing the unconscious into the conscious state. Harness the positive from these last few months and make time to meditate, set aside quiet time, or walk hard and long to clear your head. Neptune is there ready to work with you and your artistic and visual selves. If negative energy surrounds you, then remove yourself from that environment because Neptune is easily influenced by its surroundings. Keeping a positive mindset during the weeks that Neptune goes direct I powerful and at its best. Neptune is Spirit in its purest expression. At its worst, it feeds on anxiety and worry if you allow fear to enter the equation. It is always your choice.

Saturn is finishing its run in Sagittarius and this week is at the Galactic Center — where things can happen very quickly. If you remain centered and balanced during this period of time, joy is there for the asking accompanied by piles of wonderful change and opportunities coming at you. If you’ve done the work, there is a big payoff here. If you haven’t, you still have a chance to get it right. Remember freedom and independence are very important — this is what Sagittarius wants. The lesson of Saturn in Sagittarius in the last few years is how to put to good use that freedom and independence. Those opportunities soon unfold as Saturn enters Capricorn in the next month.