Micro-Forecast: November 13 to 19, 2017

The week begins with a lovely aspect between Venus (relationships) and Jupiter (opportunity). This once a year aspect is at 7° Scorpio and supports creative Neptune in Pisces. This is a marvelous window of opportunity for fueling relationships, adding more creative time, romance, or putting together a complimentary negotiation in which both parties are satisfied and happy. However, nothing occurs in a vacuum. If you want something new to happen, you have to make the effort, make the phone call (not text), and extend a hand and set up an appointment or a lunch. Mind maps work, too.

It is quite possible that something you started at the Total Eclipse of August 21, 2017 has not materialized and which you set aside. By the end of this week on the New Moon at 26° Scorpio 19’which is the 90-days after the eclipse of August 21, you reconnect with that idea and those who can help with that idea show up. These 90-day periods bring more light and insight — like peripheral vision after a blind spot.