Micro-Forecast: October 9 to 15, 2017

Pluto went direct on September 28th. The ripple effect of the last two weeks is still there. Many of you made choices that were long overdue in these last weeks. Some of you had choices made for you, but those were also long overdue as well. You really knew you had to change, or leave, or up the ante. You really did. When Pluto goes direct each year, the earth, people, organizations go through a cleansing process or clearing process, which is stressful. This stress, however, is the impetus behind new beginnings. Taking something dead and bringing it back to life, or, taking an old mindset or belief system and turning it around are all part of this energy change. This week intellectual choices are highlighted as the week begins with Mercury in a challenging aspect to Pluto along with the Sun in a challenging aspect to Pluto. These combos put the mind in a vice requiring decisions, or, action. This intense two-pronged event throws you into research mode, or, writing mode, or, reorganization mode.

This energy is heightened on Tuesday October 10 as transit Jupiter enters the sign of Scorpio for one year. This 12-year return cycle brings more emotional empathy than the last passage of Jupiter in Libra. It also brings ability to dive deeper into one’s buttoned up feelings and expressing them. Since Jupiter is protective and in the sign of Scorpio, it offers more support for trusting others than that Scorpio energy usually does. It allows one to let down their guard and to breathe. Scorpio tends to be control emotions, not allowing feelings to show, because of the great fear of being out of control or vulnerable. Sometimes it even seems as though Scorpio energy is icy, cool, but this is far from the truth. The sign of Scorpio has still waters running very deep.

With Jupiter in Scorpio over the course of the next year, opportunities are there to open up, reveal concerns, ask for help, and stay open. Putting together some new ideas, focusing on a strategy for producing or birthing something begins as soon as the day after on October 11 as Mars (action) lines up with focused Saturn. Getting organized provides opportunities for insights by the weekend when Mercury (thinking) and Uranus (light bulbs) work together bringing that out of the blue idea. Dive in — the water is fine!

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