Micro-Forecast: October 30 to November 5, 2017

At the end of this week, is the 90-day period after the August 7 eclipse. What seemed insurmountable or confusing during the time of the eclipses suddenly shifts in a forward direction during this 90-day period. This period of time is from November 3rd to 8th (see the 2017 Starcycles Cheat Sheet for these dates). These 90-day periods always happen on the corresponding Lunation that is 90° after an eclipse. In this case, this is the Full Moon in Taurus/Scorpio on November 3 and 4. Light is shed in international affairs and it may be somewhat extreme as the August 7 eclipse hit an entire generation’s Pluto in mid degrees of Leo. The aging Baby Boomers who have survived their retirement and health issues are rising up again in protest or in action to stop some of the imbalances of the last 50 years. They are the professional protesters and may still surprise us in their actions.

The world may also be confronted by threats from certain countries during this time — some nuclear — some economic — some political, but with Jupiter at the Full Moon, the result is positive or, at least seems positive, for now. I add this last part because the last square between Saturn and Chiron takes place on Thursday November 2 and these two planets represent some sort of wounding confrontation.

In December 2016, President Obama ousted Russians from Russian Embassies, the first time these two planetary bodies had this aspect. Again in early 2017 as this aspect hit again the turmoil of the Affordable Care Act came under fire — and was almost set aside. Since Chiron has a lot to do with healing or health facilities, this week’s final pass may bring resolution with the Affordable Care act — altering it for the better — but not throwing it out completely. This may also be the time when many decide to leave jobs, especially in government or the health care field or begin some alternative and more workable formats.

Remember Daylight Savings time ends at 2 am Sunday November 5. Set clocks back one hour.

Starcycles 2018 Cheat Sheet by Georgia StathisAnd remember, the 2018 Starcycles Cheat Sheet is now available for direct download. This is an easy to ready, color coded graph of the upcoming year’s planetary movements. The eclipses as well as the 90-day periods after those eclipses, the direct motions and retrogrades and their dates and degrees are included.