Micro-Forecast: October 23 to 29, 2017

The New Moon of last week at 26° Libra 35′ is an indicator of getting things done this entire week. It has the best combination of clarity with intellect. It has the ability to take both sides of a negotiation and come to an agreement. In order to finish an idea, assist a client, or design a project, compromise must be present. Libra offers an opportunity to quarterback those ideas, breaking it down one step at a time. You can’t do it all at once. So parse out what is most important first, then second. Like triage in emergency rooms — what is most needed first to implement the contracts or ideas?

Some unexpected help may be on the way… When the Sun and Jupiter get together — a once a year thing — on Thursday September 26, luck is part of the equation. That luck comes from community groups or friends if you are on Pacific Time and from international or educational facilities if you are on Eastern Time. The objectivity and experience of these new support systems offer the added input needed.