Micro-Forecast: October 2 to 8, 2017

The New York Stock Exchange was formed May 17, 1792. I am not usually a market forecaster, but I do have an opinion about this week and the ensuing weeks. The New York Stock Exchange has had its Jupiter return this year — Jupiter is about increase. In its natal chart it has what we call a Jupiter/Neptune conjunction. Jupiter/Neptune is hopeful, optimistic, creative, but can over exaggerate or blow things up beyond their value. On this week’s personal notes, I see that transit Uranus is heading over the Exchange’s Saturn. This could mean there is a drop or sudden surprise that changes the direction of the markets. It could be as simple as a flash crash that lasts for a few moments, or, something else. Regardless, this erratic transit is worth noting as transit Uranus is heading into its final months in the sign of Aries not too far from this week’s position.

Along with last week’s Jupiter opposition to Uranus (in my upcoming book, Pushing through Time, I talk about these oppositions and how they peak activities acting out Full Moons). After those aspects, markets or energies wane. And, for the record, this is just an opinion! But, it seems pretty erratic until Uranus moves into Taurus in mid-May 2018. Remember the story of the little boy who frantically cleans out an empty pony’s stall and with optimistic glee says, “With all of this — you know what – there has to be a pony in here somewhereJ!” On Tuesday there is a wonderful aspect between Venus and Pluto — a rare moment where something beautiful can be made out of something appearing done, lost or worn. The positive energy of this continues through the end of the week as Venus and Mars get together at 19° Virgo 12′ along with Mercury/Sun aligning in the same degree on Sunday — both affording an opportunity to see the ‘bones’ of something. With focus, imagination and the clever ability to find materials, this could be a great investment possibility. Focus and Vision work hand in hand through to year’s end. Sounds like fun to me!