Micro-Forecast: October 16 to 22, 2017

The week begins with Mercury (communications) at the very last degree of Libra. On Tuesday it transits into Scorpio. Communication modes for both these signs are very different. Libra, a very social and objective communication style gives way to the much more direct Mercury in Scorpio communication style for the next few weeks. Mercury in Scorpio is assisted by Jupiter this week which softens that direct communication style of Mercury in Scorpio. Still, Mercury in Scorpio works best when it has something to keep its mental machines engaged. It does best when diving into a subject matter, a project, or researching something requiring change or reframing.

An idea or a sudden opportunity may come from an organization or a group on Thursday during the New Moon (new beginnings) while the Sun and Uranus are in opposition to each other. A chance meeting may show up in the most unlikely of places. Don’t overthink it. Wait until after Mars leaves Virgo on Sunday the 22nd, which also happens to be the day the Sun enters Scorpio, for clarity. Romance with someone from the past, an old friend, or just reconnecting with people you really like is in the works.