Micro-Forecast: September 25 to October 1, 2017

Sometimes we think too much and that keeps us from listening to what is important. This week starts with two aspects to Mercury, the planet of communication. Monday’s Mercury is stressing Saturn. It may be hard to find the words, so taking time for problem solving saves precious energy. This is far more productive. These are great days for editing, going over contracts, finessing ideas, clearing desks. Sometimes when we do physical things, clarity arrives because we’ve distracted our chatty minds in the tasks of the ordinary. Mercury rules breath — breathing and improving lung health is at hand and on Wednesday Mercury and Chiron challenging each other. If there are lung issues, or, even ankle issues, please address them. Is it something in the diet (Mercury Virgo) that is affecting them? If not, perhaps the air quality in your environment requires care, or, a more psychological cause might be found in a personal or professional relationship keeping you from ‘breathing’. With this aspect, exercise caution when communicating with others whom you find irritating, particularly those you are closest to who are more irritating than usual right now. Beware of hurting those you love with words you cannot take back. Emotions escalate as Jupiter opposes Uranus, the aspect referred to in last week’s forecast and which is finally here. Situations change rapidly this week as Pluto goes direct at 16° Capricorn 51′ on Thursday. Pluto direct days are about choices — often painful — but necessary — that require courage, psychological risks and the release of control. Sometimes we see endings requiring tremendous amounts of psychological strength. These endings, though difficult, are also a signal that a new wind is about to come into your life. One door closes and another one opens. Mercury is active this week and is the ally in the Underworld of Pluto — Get out, talk to friends, share your deepest concerns regarding Pluto’s push to make hard choices. There are many allies, you just have to open up and let them support you. Major decisions of this week and next require psychic fortitude.

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