Micro-Forecast: September 18 to 24, 2017

The theme continuing throughout the week is Friends getting together with friends. Many of those friends are professionals whom you have not seen for a while and who, frankly, miss you as you miss them. Both of you have much to offer in the way of ideas, insights, and opportunities where someone knows someone who knows someone — well you know what I mean — again — that of networking — in person rather than on social media. With the New Moon at 27° Virgo 27′ on Tuesday, a 28 day cycle begins involving lots of detail work — editing, sorting, clearing, donating, and even organizing your daily health routines while partnering with healthier daily menus. Healthy habits provide you with the energy required for withstanding the task master energy of Saturn finishing in Sagittarius in December 2017..

Transiting Jupiter completes its one year cycle over the course of the next two weeks and begins transiting the sign of Scorpio on October 10. Jupiter has been in the sign of Libra for a year and will not return to Libra until 2028! Libra is about equality and fairness and over the course of this last year Jupiter has been dancing the tango with chaotic and revolutionary and extremist Uranus. Over the course of the next two weeks, that dance accelerates. State of mind is the key to successful navigation through this potentially tumultuous period. If you are calm and patient and non-reactive things work out. Carving out a quiet time for yourself each day eases you through this time. Meditation, exercise, even taking a little nap helps the heightened pace of Jupiter leading us towards the Fall Equinox. Fall Equinox is on Friday September 22, 2017, the part of the year where days become shorter and the nights grow. We begin an internal journey at this time of year and it is hearkens a rich and textured time for soul work.