Micro-Forecast: September 11 to 17, 2017

This week many planets interact with Saturn, suggesting that this is a great week to focus. You have the energy to put in longer hours making better use of your time. The positive aspect between Venus and Saturn on Tuesday puts you together with the right person or team or organization working together on an idea you’ve had in mind for a while. Whether this is community service or a pet project that you’ve wanted to complete, this is the week to gather up the right people — by just telling friends or acquaintances what or who you need to help you. With all the texting of late — we’ve lost the simple art of talking with each other. Make a dinner date with friends — tell them what you want to do and ‘ask’ for the orders — in other words — do they know someone who fits the bill for your idea?

As Friday arrives and Venus and Jupiter are in a positive aspect to each other — you find the right job, a placement, or even the right article of clothing or equipment! Take your time over the course of the weekend as Mercury and Mars are connecting. This combination creates impatient energy often more destructive than constructive. By Sunday’s Venus aspect to electric Uranus, you are in the right place at the right time, meeting the right people, and setting on a path of innovative possibilities. Buying a car? Don’t decide Saturday and by Sunday you have the better price or a better car.