Micro-Forecast: August 7 to 13, 2017

Today is a lunar eclipse (full moon) at 15º Aquarius 25′. This is one of the more critical degrees of the zodiac as it is right in the center of the fixed signs affecting those born with many planets in middle degrees of Leo, Aquarius, Taurus and Scorpio. I call this degree a ‘financial’ degree as well as a ‘decision’ degree and with the Moon in a positive aspect to Jupiter (good fortune) this eclipse offers a great opportunity to get your name out there regarding something you’ve cherished and crafted. The more unusual the better, since Aquarius is the sign of the ‘unusual’ along with the ability to work with groups more than individuals. If you aren’t doing that, you might be thinking of something that does engage with organizations or groups in a positive way. This could be volunteering and donating either time or money to a cause in which you believe. With Mercury going retrograde on Saturday August 12 at 11º Virgo 38′ start analyzing a situation that needs a re-think or restructure. Since Mercury goes direct September 5, this next few weeks is about review rather than action. By September 20, Mercury catches up to where it left off and systems, equipment, personnel, software and schedules are sorted.

For those astrologically inclined, I am presenting a workshop for the Sacramento NCGR group on Sunday September 24 on Antiscia (Solstice Points) and for more information on that workshop, contact Linda Byrd at fullofgratitude@comcast.net. The lecture is from 10 to Noon and the workshop is in the afternoon. And for those not attending but knowing astrology, this eclipse has as sensitive degree of 14º Scorpio 35′ or 14º Taurus 25′. If you’d like to explore this phenomenon in your own chart, I do have some phone appointments available in August.