Micro-Forecast: August 28 to September 3, 2017

Now that the Total Solar Eclipse of 2017 is over — is it really? Eclipses are often not seen — in other words clear as to their meaning — until about 87 days later or another 87 days after that, which translates to the month of November, 2017 and the month of February 2018. Personally, I think whatever the outcome; it will be for the best. As mentioned last week, the eclipse occurred on the fixed star Regulus which is found in the constellation of Leo. Leo is all about heart, generosity, courage. It also has its dark side, which can be very self-centered and narcissistic without taking into consideration others. Regulus is a very ‘karmic’ star in that it can bring people, honorable and just people and situations, to the front of the line. But if there have been any shenanigans along the way, it can just as quickly put you to the back of the line until you attain some humility! Over the course of the following year, the fallout of this eclipse is witnessed. I am banking on creative solutions or new perspectives to old psychological blocks begging for discovery. Courage, folks, because change — real change — requires courage.

As for other news this week, Saturn finally went direct at 21° Sagittarius 10′ on Friday August 25 so if any of you feel as though you are now on track for fixing things at home or the office (i.e. construction), looking at new jobs or getting new bosses; re-organizing your lives or files, these are some of the things we see during Saturn directs. Now that Saturn is direct, it continues through the last degrees of Sagittarius all the way through December 19, 2017 when it enters the sign of Capricorn for two and a half years. Finishing up what you started or were trying to complete as far back as December 2014 is the best use of this time over the course of these next few months. The big lesson with Saturn going direct at this degree, (also falls in the decanate of Leo within the sign of Sagittarius) is an insight regarding what we do to be loved — is it for attention — or something else? Is it about generosity, which is wonderful, but does it let yourself receive? Receiving help, asking for advice, and letting others help you finishes the one-way circuit of just being a giver while not letting you receive. Receiving completes that same circuit, making for happier relationships filled with heartfelt joy.

Mercury, too, has been retrograde in Virgo since Friday August 12. It starts moving in a direct motion on September 5, 2017 at the same exact degree as that eclipse of August 21. Mercury (thinking and insight) on an eclipse degree could be that lightning bolt of resolution or insight you’ve been craving, the completion of an agreement or contract, finally understanding something you’ve been struggling to learn in recent weeks. Persistence is what it is all about. The more you do, the more you get. With this Tuesday’s Second Quarter moon, you get organized, structured, scheduled and ready for anything. During the next week, lots and lots of great things can happen if you just let them in.