Micro-Forecast: August 21 to 27, 2017

The TOTAL SOLAR ECLIPSE passing over the USA.

Many of you receive my free newsletter (available by signing up on the right) that publishes every six to eight weeks when there is something newsworthy. If you are interested in seeing last week’s newsletter, here is the link, ….. because it is a very extensive piece on today’s eclipse, far more than can be mentioned in this week’s forecast. Time is moving so quickly that the ideas of last week or yesterday often change in almost a 180° flip and have even this morning as the news told us that Steve Bannon of the US White House is now out. There will be fallout from this eclipse over the course of the next few weeks as well as the fallout from the (what I think was far more powerful) Lunar Eclipse of August 7, 2017 in middle degrees of Aquarius and Leo which I believe sparked the mass riots and chaos of the last two weeks. For your information, Lunar Eclipses affect the people of a nation rather than the leaders of countries and the recent events of the last few days alone, the terrorist in Barcelona, the events at Charlottesville, and the less covered events like the earthquake in the Chinese province of Sichuan which killed at least 19 people and injured 250.

Today’s eclipse is a Solar Eclipse and a Total one at that. Total eclipses are the most powerful, last the longest (i.e. are darkest longest) and where the shadow of those eclipses pass as this one is passing over the USA, is where many believe is the area of the world that is most likely affected. Shadows are just that – they are the ‘bad witch that didn’t get invited to the party’ in the story of Sleeping Beauty as Alice O Howell states in her book, Jungian Symbolism and Astrology, one of my favorite books of all time. In that story, all the little fairies of the kingdom are invited to the christening of the new little princess, but one of the witches was not invited – the bad witch. The question that Howell poses in her essay is what would have happened if, in fact, the bad witch had been invited to the party? Would she have cursed the child to die? Probably not. She would have been unpleasant, yes, but in the light less harmful.

The ‘shadow’ facing the world during this eclipse is the shadow of issues of love and the heart and the things not addressed or shoved under the table in the hopes that those shadows will disappear. In other words, if we don’t see it, then, of course, it doesn’t exist. “WONK” Not true! There is a huge shadow over the USA right now. They affect the leaders of the country as opposed to the people of a country. This Solar eclipse falls on the fixed star Regulus, which is the start that allows you to become famous, but you can just as quickly fall, if the unconscious refuses growth. This eclipse brings that shadow into the light, if not now, within 90 days (November 2017) or 180 days (February/March 2018) afterwards. This is when the shadow comes into the light and we see what we did not see during the eclipse.

One of the concerns regarding these eclipses are regarding the USA President’s health (this eclipse is right on his Mars (the head and brain-dementia, aneurysms, brain maladies) and his Ascendant (his physical body) to questions arising about his ability to lead as a statesman rather than a self-aggrandizing individual. These issues are laid at his feet begging for a change. At this writing, Steve Bannon has just been fired and by the time this forecast reaches you, my readers, who knows what else will happen? In the end, we really don’t know how this turns out, because change in consciousness is based on everyone’s choice.

And speaking of individuals, this is true for each of us. Wherever this eclipse is occurring in your chart and challenging other parts of your chart is where you are in the dark. The Solar Eclipse is in a fixed sign Leo (the other signs most affected by this are those with lots of Aquarius, Taurus and Scorpio in their charts too). Fixed signs don’t like not knowing – or being out of control. Leo and its opposite Aquarius – from the solar perspective – are involved in clarifying or rectifying the ‘darkness’ in relationships to those close to you as well as the relationship to your own body, your physical container. Where is it that ‘you’ aren’t allowing yourself to receive or taking care of ‘your’ body? Does your identity need something fresh and new? Are you happy? Are you letting light in – in these areas of your life or in the areas of your chart where you find Leo and Aquarius?

For Taurus and Scorpios, look at where it is happening in your charts, but from a solar perspective, they occur in the areas of the chart involving home, family, and your reputation in your professional life, who you perceive to be authority figures, and how authority affects your behaviors. What is it about these areas where ‘your’ shadow is causing difficulty? And what can ‘you’ do to make it better? What is it you are not looking at which involves you as well as those others in these areas of your life that you are unable to invite ‘to the party’. These all involve shadow issues not addressed over 19 and 38 years ago. Addressing shadows requires major courage and becoming the spiritual advocate that feeds your very existence.

A shadow or a specter is intangible, but is a strong force that is frightening. If left to its own devices and left unidentified, it creates illness, anxiety, sleeplessness, and can kill motivation until it is confronted head on. It is the ‘Darth Vader’ inside of us and we all have Darth Vader in there somewhere. What you had the courage to address some 19 or 38 years ago is asking for a higher level of awareness now and because it was identified makes it an easier passage now where creativity and expression reign. However, what wasn’t addressed and shoved under the rug during those same periods, again rears an even larger and uglier head now, and, frankly, isn’t so easy. With that said, this is the perfect time to invite your ‘bad witch’ to the party. Allow her some light while keeping your heart open. We all have a psychological DNA strand, an upward moving coil of consciousness which is accessible. Total eclipses like this one, whose shadow is crossing directly over the USA (first time since 1918) in Leo, the sign ruling the heart, asks that we climb up rather than down and moving towards a more vibrant and heart-centered existence.