Micro-Forecast: August 14 to 20, 2017

This week highlights lots of Venus (value and love) activities. Tuesday Venus is opposite Pluto, the drama begins, where power struggles or confrontations regarding values and relationships may arise. This can be a transformative opposition if one has the right attitude towards constructive conversations rather than destructive criticisms. If something in a relationship has not been working, whether personal or professional, do not walk away but confront what everyone is unwilling to confront. The key in moving through this and achieving a positive result is listening without the compulsion to fire back. If that happens, then the will gets in the way of the solution. Taking a step back from an agreement or a partner issue to answer properly is best delayed until very late on Thursday or early Friday as the Moon moves into the problem-solving sign of Gemini. Now, you have more information for making a better decision. Throughout all this we all must realize we are in the week between two powerful eclipses and people get tense during these times — also exhausted. They are like a cosmic dam holding back highly charged emotions which have no place or vehicle through which to express. Edgy is a good word for how most people feel between eclipses, particularly those that pass over the country in which you reside.

By the weekend, there is some ease as the Moon and Venus come together in a joyful conjunction and high spirits and positive energy return on Sunday when the Sun in Leo and Uranus (the catalyst for thinking in new ways) in Aries are in a positive aspect. This is a great weekend for a short break, a getaway, a family vacation, and getting together with friends and family as Monday’s Total Solar Eclipse at almost 29ยบ Leo begins around 11:30 am Pacific time Monday.