Micro-Forecast: July 31 to August 6, 2017

Venus enters Cancer on Monday at 7:54 AM Pacific Time. I really do like Venus in Cancer, but that is probably because I enjoy my home, cooking, hanging with friends and sharing a meal or a movie. Venus in Cancer offers these types of opportunities for a few weeks before it enters Leo on August 27 just after the Total Solar Eclipse of August 21, 2017. In contrast to this transit, Uranus is slowing down this week at 28ยบ Aries 32′ and retrograde late on Wednesday August 2 and into the early morning hours of Thursday August 3. Uranus remains retrograde until late December 2017 and this is really a good period (each year) to sort out or address your obligations to your community as well as restructuring your goals or putting them into a newer more prioritized order. Frustration sometimes arises the few days before, but this is temporary.

This ‘could’ affect the markets since Uranus traditionally rules cycles or cycles performance, but with this coming Friday’s last quarter Jupiter square Pluto at 11:48 AM spending can escalate or markets rise suddenly but drop during the following week. Remember these are opinions. Last quarter squares are very good for deciding on some sort of learning experience, or shoring up skills, or, taking a course that is of interest. Regardless of whether this helps in your chosen professions or not, it is the ‘key’ to a new direction.