Micro-Forecast: July 3 to 9, 2017

I want to reach out to all my readers and wish them a happy Fourth of July celebration in the United States. These last few days have been rather striking, in that Chiron, who often wounds, but ultimately heals, went retrograde just a few days ago — so if any things were said that require an apology or a reframing of a message, perhaps these next few days are the time in which to do that. With retrogrades we often have a discovery of some unknown fact or issue, which surfaces in order to be resolved during retrogrades. With Chiron retrograde at almost the very last degree of Pisces last Friday, then there may have been an emotional bloodletting or release of some sort long overdue. Now take that experience and finesse it with a new way of looking or reacting to those things that continue to irritate and block your progress. Chiron goes direct on December 5 going all the way back to 24° Pisces, but then proceeds to exit Pisces and enter Aries in spring 2018.

When a planet (or comet in this case) is at the end of its run and this run has been for almost ten years, lots of things begin the finishing process that was begun at the beginning of the cycle. Since Chiron has been in very psychic, emotional, creative and sometimes even out of bounds Pisces, the unthinkable has materialized in world tragedies as well as world advancements. The 1960s were the last time Chiron was at these degrees and many of the issues of that time have been revisited in recent years. This is a good thing, although at times it may seem unbearable. I think the biggest learning experience that comes out of this is to check in with ourselves, regularly, when tidal waves of events and emotions take over reason whether in our personal or professional lives. Learning to ride the wave is key rather than fighting the undertow.

This week may be one of those weeks as Mars (the god of war and agitation) opposed Pluto yesterday. Some of the issues that arise with Mars opposing Pluto, is, first, the discoveries mentioned earlier in this text, but then, since Pluto is involved, we have opportunities to make choices regarding our response to these ‘discoveries’. A less mature Mars energy gets angry and wants to fight back immediately, reacting with no back up plan, and just exhausting oneself. A more mature approach to this opposition (which includes communication issues as well), is recognizing there is a conflict of wills and desires, stepping back, and then waiting a few hours or days before one responds and one finds out the facts that belie this confrontation. Another way is to just get in and clean out a storage unit, paint a room or transform something in your living environment.

This opposition affords an opportunity to transform (Pluto) what we perceive to be our limitations and a portion of that transformation’s lesson is letting go of something you’ve really outgrown anyway. This can apply to things as well as attitudes as well as belief systems. Sometimes our belief systems are so deeply embedded that we don’t even realize they are the one thing that get in the way of progress and may not even be true. This suggests that the person or incident causing this stress is actually the catalyst shedding light it (it is an opposition, like a full moon). Once you get that, the next thing to ask is, “What do I do with this added information?” This is far more powerful than holding grudges and remaining immovable — thus holding back any openings to new means of communications far more honest and truthful than before. Happy Fourth of July to my fellow US Citizens and remember there are some great things about our wonderful country — freedom being the most precious of its gifts and the reason for our celebration on our 301st birthday!