Micro-Forecast: July 24 to 30, 2017

The week begins with Venus and Saturn opposing each other — the signature for duty over pleasure — or getting things done before taking a little time off. This is also the week in which Mercury enters its own sign of Virgo at 4:41 PM Pacific time on Tuesday July 25. However, and this is something to remember regarding any contracts, agreements, or negotiations…. Mercury is also entering what we call the ‘pre-shadow’ of the degree at which Mercury will retrograde back to later in August and very early September. “Pre-shadows” are good for reviewing any work or project to which you’ve devoted time. Do you have enough, or, too much? Do you need to step back and simplify? Those questions are the basis for redirecting as the Sun and Mars align in Leo on Wednesday July 26 at 5:57 PM Pacific. I don’t usually put charts in my forecasts, because many of you are not familiar with Astrology, but for those who are, here is the West Coast chart for Wednesday’s Sun Mars conjunction.

For those of you who do understand astrology, note the rising sign, which is 27ยบ Sagittarius 34′ right at the Galactic Center, where things can happen very quickly. The Sun Mars conjunction is in the 8th house of investments and in the same area where that Total Solar Eclipse occurs starting on the West coast of the USA in late August 2017. With these two markers plus Saturn in the 12th house and going over this chart’s rising sign on November 29, 2017, this may be the starting point — this week — where one reviews monies owed to others like the IRS, or, your fixed assets and their values needing a review and re-strategizing those values and what to do with them. Overexpansion is not necessarily the way to go right now, whereas prudence is.

In terms of your income or salary or notes or monies owed to you, this is a good time to take actions regarding their payments and either redrafting agreements or reminding those owing that it may be time to act and reorganize themselves as well. Partnership opportunities offering support may appear, but do the numbers. Really do the numbers. It might even be a good week to take a ‘few profits’ out of your portfolio for insurance. If something doesn’t feel right with what is promised, then keep digging until you have all the facts. The Sun Mars affords the courage to ask for what is owed to you regardless of your concerns regarding asking. Sun/Mars gives us courage and confidence and positive returns if we engage with it consciously.