Micro-Forecast: July 17 to 23, 2017

Monday begins with Venus in Gemini in a challenging aspect to Neptune. This often suggests that one might want to extend the weekend into Monday or that if you are back at the desk take the time to sort through things and hold off on making concrete decisions until at least tomorrow Tuesday. Venus square Neptune floats in a fog of romance, or, drift which doesn’t sound so great but is, in fact, a good time to imagine or reimagine your plans allowing other ideas to come forth from the unconscious mind.

Sometimes when we ‘sort’ through things it allows our unconscious mind to figure out the solutions to those items plaguing us or pushing us for a decision. Late on Monday Mars the planet of motivation is challenging Uranus and an insight on how to do something in a more extraordinary rather than the ordinary way shows up so that as Tuesday and the rest of the week unfold, putting that plan into action is possible.

Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday are favorable for ‘getting it done’, for stabilizing what has seemed to be an unstable situation or a situation that held no answers. One of the ways to negotiate a troublesome issue is risking frankness regarding your concerns without taking an accusatory stance. With Mars ending its run in Cancer (not its most favorite place to be for the last few weeks) on Thursday July 20 at about 5:19 am Pacific Time and entering the more hearty and fiery sign of Leo, energy returns. Later that day as the Sun and Uranus challenge each other, the solution emerges combining an old way of thinking and a new way of thinking — a type of hybrid thinking — late on Thursday going into early Friday morning. Key thing here is don’t pick up all your marbles and go home if you don’t get an immediate answer. Wait for Friday and then Saturday’s transit of Sun into its own sign of Leo where it becomes a New Moon (new starts, new ideas and new beginnings) on Sunday July 23 at 2:46 AM Pacific time and 5:46 AM Eastern time. Patience is the key and getting a little exercise helps, too, with all the fire we will see in the sky and on earth during August.