Micro-Forecast: July 10 to 16, 2017

First, I apologize for the incorrect birthday number for the United States — last week. A savvy reader caught my error. The USA is now 241 years old, and, not, as stated… 301!

Think about that only 241 years old — a mere teenager — still in its adolescent phase compared to its older compatriots in Europe and Australia and China who are many more hundreds of years older. I think, however, that this idea of being a nation that is 241 years old bears some examining because the truth is this nation is still quite young and will make many more errors before it transforms into adulthood which it is doing as we speak. Since the USA was founded with its Sun in the sign of Cancer, the sign that feeds and nurtures and caretakers others and then adding Pluto opposite that same Sun during these last few years (a rare 247-year cycle), that mindset is changing as it is for the individuals who are citizens of the United States.

To understand this concept, think of a teenager, who has done something that isn’t kosher as we say. The parent of that teenager takes the car away, grounds them for so many days or weeks depending on the offense, and, hopefully, the teenager will get the lesson — the consequences of their actions — whether those actions resulted from either naivete or done purposely. If we then look at the bigger picture of Pluto still opposing the US Sun sign, the country is in the cocoon phase of transformation.

A cocoon doesn’t show whether the transformative body becomes a moth or a butterfly, but we do know it will transform. I don’t know what a cocoon is like but I imagine it is very dark, invisible and, most importantly, inactive probably suspended on the edge of some sort of death limbo. That suspension is necessary for the major transition.

So many people write to me these days about what the heck is going on, or, that they can’t seem to get their footing, or, that they don’t know whether they should move forward and take a chance or just wait. It isn’t just one person that feels this psychic atrophy. It is individuals, cities and those running governments, particularly in the United States. If we think about how the USA has been a world leader and return to the metaphor of the cocoon, I think it offers some insight. But, we say, we must do something, which is very common for a country that has such a strong Mars placement — often reacting without thinking — during its younger iterations. Sometimes that something is learning to live one day at a time and doing the things that need getting done that we put off.

Pluto works well when it either releases things or takes something that is dead or old and transforms it. Remaking, retooling, refurbishing, remodeling are all good action items for Pluto cycles and can produce rather than destroy. As we finish the full moon of last weekend and move into the new week and into a period right before the eclipse coming up in August that traverses the US with its shadow, it is important to pick that one thing and get it done. Get it done before late December of this year when a very new cycle begins for all of us.