Micro-Forecast: June 5 to 11, 2017

Staying and getting healthy are the themes for this week as Mercury is in an excellent aspect to Chiron late Monday going into Tuesday. Tuesday transit Venus finally leaves the very contentious sign of Aries where it has been since March and enters the more amenable sign of Taurus. On that same day, Tuesday, June 6, Mercury enters its own sign of Gemini. Both these planets are in the signs of their rulerships which means focusing on what you want, what you’d like to do and being clearer on how to communicate that idea to others — is on target — finally. On Friday, the Full Moon in Sagittarius — Jupiter, good luck, opportunity, also goes direct in mid degrees of Libra. I would say the next few weeks are the times in which to hit it for getting those projects finessed and done over the summer, since this summer provides many windows of opportunity for moving forward.

I’d like to suggest a wonderful destination for Saturday June 10 at Book Passage in Corte Madera. A very good friend of mine and Cancer survivor, has written her book on “Surviving the Storm” which is an excellent and extremely insightful work on the real process of surviving this devastating disease. From 7 to 9 pm that evening, Cheryl is also an excellent therapist working in the field for many years. She is also almost finished with her second book and I highly recommend going to the event. Insight is something we can keep forever — and it doesn’t cost a dime.