Micro-Forecast: June 26 to July 2, 2017

Ambience is everything. People buy or purchase or are attracted to experiences, items, or events that have ambience — sending a sensate message to participate. This is how the week begins as Mars and Neptune are in an excellent aspect with each other. The right thing shows up at the right time, but don’t allow the ambience to overextend your budget. Tuesday Mercury which has much to do with commerce is in a hard aspect to Jupiter and this aspect can overextend someone on their budget but by the end of the day as the Moon moves into Virgo — a more realistic solution or compromise shows itself.

Wednesday June 28 Mars and Mercury are together in Cancer — Mars Mercury is notorious for getting a little overheated because one can find themselves over reacting even to the little things. It is best to let that moment pass. It can also be an aspect of decisiveness — you are going to do or not do something and because of that decision you see rapid progress. It can go either way. The key thing is since they are together in the sensitive sign of Cancer, regardless of who you are or what your chart says — have a bite to eat before you start talking — it will level out the blood sugar and a more reasonable conversation and better solutions emerge.

Friday, Chiron stations retrograde very close to the end of the zodiac at 28º Pisces 42′. It will move in a direct motion at the end of the year and then proceed to move into Aries in May 2018. This means that Chiron, after almost ten years, has only one more year to end its 50-year return cycle. This has been a long, hard run of the comet, Chiron, who last was in Pisces during the 1960s during all the political turmoil of Civil Rights and the burgeoning Vietnam war as well as the first awakenings to the environmental movement spurred by Rachel Carson’s book, “Silent Spring”. The 28th and 29th degrees of Pisces, a little of which we experience over the course of the next few weeks, but which we live with for a good amount of time starting in early 2018, is close to the fixed star, Scheat at 29º Pisces. Scheat is a fixed star denoting ‘release’ or ‘freedom from bondage’ which is what Diana Rosenberg, a fixed star expert, a friend who passed away a few years ago, used to say. Since this degree is in the constellation of Pegasus — who flies over the head of Andromeda — trapped and bonded as an offering to the gods — Scheat denotes the idea of being freed from bondage.

Therefore, it is no surprise that either now or as 2017 ends — that that ‘theme’ plays out for all of us in our occupations, in our families-as many suffering health issues will be ‘released’ from the bondage of illness and that the issues of many of the movements of the last few years — such as Black Lives Matter are finally addressed with some sort of resolution that involved re-training and re-educating. This can be a sorrowful degree as well so it is important to realize that empathy and compassion in certain situations helps all concerned as this comet begins its retrograde emotion until late December 2017.