Micro-Forecast: June 19 to 25, 2017

Monday may feel a bit edgy because Tuesday June 20 is the Summer Solstice, the longest day of the year in the Northern Hemisphere. It is the official start date of Summer — which is hard to believe. I always ask myself each year — how did we get here so fast? This is also the day the Sun enters the sign of Cancer for four weeks and when the focus changes from idea making to family making or home making or nailing down your plans for you and your family’s future security. There are several aspects on the day of the solstice that are wonderful. Venus and Neptune are in wonderful aspects — good for dating, new relationship options or beautifying the environment. On that same day, we have Mercury (thinking) and Uranus (innovation) — like last week’s Sun/Uranus aspect — offering more solutions and ideas that are more out of the box solutions than usual. This is a good aspect for getting a group together or attending a group or starting a training program — even if it is online. The Summer Solstice on the East Coast doesn’t start until June 21, the next day, right after midnight and is accompanied by an excellent aspect where Sun and Mercury line up — a very rare combo that takes place during the year and can indicate trend changes in markets.

By Friday June 23, we have a New Moon — new starts — new planning and planting at 2ยบ Cancer 47′. Wherever the sign of Cancer is in your chart is where you have a four-week window to produce something solid for those you love and by Saturday June 24 Venus and Pluto are in a perfect distance to each other — which is a great window for investment — again — check out values, comps, past performance and history before deciding. The other way these two can work is giving you, your office, or home a makeover.