Micro-Forecast: June 12 to 18, 2017

Happy Father’s Day to all of you who have taken on that role — whether they are your own children or someone else’s. Being a father in the United States has become a more and more complicated role, but the key thing about a good father is that they listen and are there as anchors when needed. Congratulations to all of you that take on that role daily.

As for this next week, the full moon has passed and as the next few days continue, you may feel a bit tired, need more sleep, or a bit more confused than last week as Neptune is stationing to go retrograde at 14ยบ Pisces 16′ next Friday June 16. Neptune does this once a year — and a good way to handle the days prior to it, starting say Wednesday is to stop a little and give yourself a bit more time on major decisions. Getting away from the desk, the contract, the office — escaping — at least until it shifts directions is the way to handle the lethargy you may be feeling. Once the weekend is done and you move into next week, you have a better handle on that confusing line item that has everyone balking at agreement. Sometimes it pays to just stop.

By Sunday afternoon as Mercury (thinking) comes opposite Saturn (clarity) you know how to write, edit, clean up or clean out that thing that had you stuck last week. That along with the Sun in Gemini and Uranus (innovative thinking) in a very good aspect to each other — that idea — that person you needed to complete that project — may show up when you least expect it during the following week. Put the order out there in your mind, don’t judge it, but put it out there and I think you will be very surprised.