Micro-Forecast: May 8 to 14, 2017

I am in Chicago until May 18 and attending the Gala for the National Hellenic Museum on May 13. The National Hellenic Museum is an organization that supports Hellenistic Culture throughout the world providing some incredible programs that are open to the public and in the heart of Chicago’s Greek town and near the circle campus of the University of Illinois. It is an incredible building and is for everyone (not just the Greek community), has awesome exhibits and events. I am honored to be on their board focusing on the development of their Collections and Library. For more information on their programs go to: https://www.nationalhellenicmuseum.org

Also, Happy Mother’s Day to all of you that take on that role in your lives either as mothers or those who serve as mothers regularly. Take time to thank those who have been there for you by writing them a personal note (always better than texts), or, taking them out to lunch and not necessarily on that day, or, just popping over for a visit. Being grateful for what we’ve been given by these folks — whether education, wisdom, knowledge, support or just a great big hug puts things in perspective in our lives.

We always have choices. If you thought about last week’s suggestions and found them to be useful, those choices may pay off this week as Jupiter, the planet of good fortune, though still retrograde at 15º Libra, is beginning to theoretically slow down getting ready to move in a direct motion on June 9. What relationships have you been working on or with in this last year that have suffered from ‘control-itis’ and what have you learned? Power struggles with those who seemingly are in charge are often just a perception based on one’s own good or bad feeling about themselves. Jupiter has been in a last quarter square to transit Pluto all year and as it begins its journey to correct these struggles and misunderstandings and put back into perspective those important things in our lives, try to stay calm, do what you can to help, then step away.

This is important because this is also the week between May 10 and May 17 which is 90-days after the last two eclipses — one on February 10 at 22º Leo 28′ and the last, most important, leftover eclipse at 8º Pisces of February 26. For those individuals with planets in either late degrees of fixed signs Scorpio, Taurus, Aquarius and Leo and those individuals with close to middle degrees of Pisces, Virgo, Gemini and Sagittarius, this is a profound time of ‘light’ as the eclipse darkness from that time and the three months preceding February 10 and February 26 (November 12 and November 26) begins to lift. The shadow is going away and you now have a better perspective without that cursed blind spot of emotional entanglement.

This is a lesson that can hold for the next 19 years of your lives as this particular eclipse (as with all eclipses) will not return for another 19 years! The first eclipse in Leo and Aquarius affects the collective thinking and world leaders. The last eclipse in Pisces, much like the sign itself, is the ‘toxic waste management’ station of the zodiac — where everything that isn’t working must flow through to be cleared or cleansed and released to the larger universal energies. This is a good time to do a toxic cleanse or review one’s health issues that need addressing.

The key thing is not to be attached to outcomes right now and pay attention to your processes, knowing that you’ve done all you can to assure change in the right direction. Again, this isn’t easy. Giving oneself credit on what one has done and what is no longer in one’s hands is where one must be during this transition from May through late December 2017.

The full moon on Wednesday May 10 sheds light upon the above comments from last week and continues through the end of the month through May 26. Staying focused, making sure you organize your mental activities, perhaps even taking some time each day to step away from the chaos of mass media and be still is a good way of creating new possibilities that start showing up later in May or June 2017.

This is also the week that the transiting North Lunar Node enters the sign of Leo for the next 18 months. The transiting South Lunar Node enters the sign of Aquarius on the same day which is May 10 and 11 depending on where you live on the planet. According to Louise McWhirter a well-known financial astrologer who followed these cycles, her view was that as the North Node moves through Leo we have a ‘heightening’ of economic activity and after that peak, which is 18 months later, economic conditions begin to change — moving towards the down side. Various individuals have used this 18.5-year return cycle in many different contexts not only in the world of astrology, but in the world of financial studies.

I have my own opinions regarding McWhirter’s findings, but I do ‘think’ that if one is investing in this next year, particularly in the real estate markets an exercise of caution is suggested. There are a few reasons for this, looking at this new burgeoning cycle. The obvious one is that the Fed (in the US) is raising its interest rates which is an indicator of a belief in prosperity and it is true, with the unknowns surrounding BREXIT it may be there are opportunities for investments where there is change — and where things may seem low in value right now — that may change where they become higher if one waits long enough. The codicil of this comment — and this is because I am always suspect of slower planets like Saturn moving across the Galactic Center now and at the end of the year. Optimism with boundaries can often be the expression found in late degrees of Sagittarius as it is the point in the zodiac through which change comes at a rapid pace. In 2008, transit Pluto moved over the Galactic Center from spring to fall 2008 and entered Capricorn. We remember late 2008

In 1988, the position of where Saturn is now was also then, but then was part of a much larger 45-year cycle, the Saturn/Uranus conjunction (alignment) notorious for sending shock waves through markets. The rare 45-year cycle of Saturn with Uranus denotes changes in the market and we saw the prelude to that in late 1987. When the UK delivered their recent letter to Brussels on March 30, 2017 at 12:20 pm, Saturn was stationing at the Galactic Center and many of this year’s ingress charts have hard aspects between Saturn and Moon at these degrees (I just presented a workshop for MAYO school on this very topic on April 8 and may offer it again through my own website Starcyles.com if you’d like to be on the list for workshops, please write to me). Bottom line — there are bargains out there — look for them — ask for the order — but if it doesn’t feel intuitively right or correct or off — then just don’t.