Micro-Forecast: May 29 to June 4, 2017

Memorial Day begins the week for those in the USA. This four-day week begins on a Tuesday, a day that is ruled by Mars, and it is the second 90-day period after the last eclipse in Pisces in late February 2017. So, step lightly and tread carefully with those closest to you. Weeks that begin on Tuesdays are fascinating in that Tuesday, named after the Norse god Tiw, or, Tyr, a war god, are often weeks when things can get heated up because the week begins on Tuesday instead of Mondays, which is ruled by the Moon. Since transit Mars (the Roman version of the war god) is still in adverse aspect to transit Saturn as the week begins, this is probably good advice. It will be interesting to watch the news with the President of the US, Mr. Trump, these next few weeks as these aspects hit his chart precisely. And since this is the 90-day period after that last leftover eclipse at Pisces, it wouldn’t surprise me if something ignites because of these aspects. If we use the 1984 date of birth for the North Korean leader, Kim Jung-Un, his Moon is in Pisces and that last eclipse in February hit him hard. This is the 90-day period after that eclipse and my hopes and wishes are that resolutions appear for the safety of the planet.

Igniting and ignitions are all associated with Mars, but there is a cooling off period as we get closer to Wednesday and Thursday as Mercury the planet of communication slips into a tender and caring aspect with Pluto which can transform situations through service and systems. The same can be said to be true on Thursday as transit Venus in Aries softens the harsh effects of Saturn in Sagittarius giving stability and purpose to relationships and on Saturday June 3 the Sun lights up possibilities as it works in tandem with fortunate Jupiter. This is a great aspect for visiting those you care for and just listening, rather than rescuing, your partners, business associates, families, friends, or neighbors, who may have some challenges on bookend days of Friday June 2 and Sunday June 4.

If you are asked to make decisions, then ask for a pass until Monday June 5 after transit Mars enters the cardinal (action sign) of Cancer when the mind works more clearly. The next six weeks are spent on fixing properties, interiors and exteriors, long overdue and may even heat up the real estate market sales for the at least a few weeks — again, do your homework, check comps, if it doesn’t feel right or seems too high — step away — until a better situation arises.