Micro-Forecast: May 15 to 21, 2017

Late Monday Mercury (which went direct on May 3), finally catches up to where it left off on Sunday April 9. This is also the week that Venus, the planet of relationships, harmony and compromise reaches its position at which it went retrograde back in March. Bottom line — this is great news! And starts happening on Thursday May 18. All in all, a good week as the moon is in the last quarter position on Thursday May 18 affording opportunity to clear the desks, shred paper, finally enact plans often delayed over the course of the last few weeks. I will be traveling during this time and presenting an all-day workshop for the Miami NCGR in Fort Lauderdale on Saturday May 20, 2017. If you are interested in attending go the Lectures & Events page and click the link for registration information.

NCGR Miami, Florida
All-day Workshop
May 20, 2017

Marking Time: Eclipses and Phase Relationships

Prediction/delineation is all about marking timing. Some of the more concrete factors to use are eclipses, their returns, as well as the subsequent phase relationships to the original eclipses. This incorporates well with watching the timing between planets as the faster of the two will set an event in a different direction. Using the 45-degree template (the lunar phase graph as a template), you can see things clearly. Simple systems make for accurate predictions.

Georgia Stathis presents many visuals and examples in a day of informative fun, insightful tidbits and a presentation style that is organized and clear.
All day workshop. More details to come.

Contact Mimi Alonso at mysticmimi@gmail.com if you wish to register.


Forgive the brash marketing, but wanted to let you know that after that, I will be in Clearwater starting on May 21 for a few weeks so if anyone is interested in coming up to Clearwater for a small group tutoring, put your group together and let me know your thoughts- a group of between 3 and 5 is best. Since the Sun enters Gemini later this week on Saturday May 20, this next four weeks are an ideal time to brush up on reading, paperwork, contracts and even putting together a budget or plan for this next year. Since the beginning of the year there has been much confusion, but with end of June soon upon us and a good ingress chart starting in late June, the next three months from that point are about initiating the ideas you put into motion this next few weeks starting at the end of this one.

Some news we might or might not see this week: News about the IRS — could be a computer glitch, hacking or needing to update an old system…I do know that a recent article indicated that the IRS doesn’t have enough employees and with more and more people entering the country — they are even further understaffed, so it will be interesting to hear ‘their’ news. Some surprises on the New York Stock Exchange — Uranus hits their chart on Friday but we might not see the ‘surprises’ until the following week. Same is true for Medicare — the big news in the beginning of the year was that everyone thought the Affordable Care Act was going out, and it didn’t, but, since Medicare is having some shady transits — watch any news coming up about Medicare particularly in the fraud department.